lørdag den 18. december 2010

Mourning Dove - Sørgedue (Zenaida macroura), 2cy, 19-21/5-2008, Stald Grenen, Skagen

This first for Denmark and sixth for WestPal was discovered by Copenhagen birders and brothers Lars and Henrik Thorhauge Rask. From photos it became evident that the same bird remarkably was seen in  November 2007 on Inishbofin Island, Co. Galway, Ireland and 4/5-2008 on the island Greifswalder Oie in the Baltic Sea, Germany. More pics of the danish record can be seen here.

Mourning Dove - Sørgedue (Zenaida macroura), 2cy, 19/5-2008, Stald Grenen, Skagen, Photos: Rune Sø Neergaard.

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