onsdag den 4. januar 2012

The Gambia 2011 - day 3

The third day of my stay in the Gambia my father and I started out by going birding in the morning with our guide Alieu. The destination was Brufut Woods. We saw a lot of good birds but missed some of the target-species e.g. Verreaux Eagle Owl, White-faced Scops Owl and Green-headed Sunbird. On the other hand we saw and heard a very nice Orange-breasted Bushshrike (aka Suplphur-breasted Bushshrike) which was new to me. We also heard a Stone-partridge but failed to see it.

Pearl-spotted Owlet ssp. perleatum, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Bearded Barbet, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Alieu and his trainee (have forgotten his name), Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

African Paradise Flycatcher, male, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

African Pied Hornbill ssp. semifasciatus, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Blackcap Babbler, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

 Brown Babbler, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Guinea Turaco ssp. buffoni, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Splendid Sunbird, males, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

African Green Pigeon ssp. nudirostris, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011. I did not notice the second bird until I was back in Denmark.

Colony of Village Weavers, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

A local, Alieu, my father and Alieu´s trainee, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011. Notice the woman in the right side of the picture carrying a tub on her head african style!

Yellow-throated Leaflove, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Blue-spotted Wood Dove (aka Red-billed Wood Dove), Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Black-billed Wood Dove, Brufut Woods, 8/11-2011.

Streetview from the village of Brufut, 8/11-2011.

We birded Brufut Woods until noon when we returned to the Bakuto Hotel for some relaxation with the rest of the family in the midday-heat. In the late afternoon I also did a bit of birding in and around the hotel. Among other things we saw a big Nile Monitor which entertained us on a daily basis the remaining part of our vacation.

Local performing body-building gambian style on the beach at Kotu.

Little Bee-eater ssp. pusillus, Kotu Stream, 8/11-2011.

Black-necked Weaver, male, Bakotu Hotel, Kotu, 8/11-2011.

Beautiful Sunbird, female, Bakotu Hotel, Kotu, 8/11-2011.

Common Bulbul, Bakotu Hotel, Kotu, 8/11-2011.

Nile Monitor (Varanus niloticus), Bakotu Hotel, Kotu, 8/11-2011.

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