torsdag den 3. november 2011

The Gambia

Saturday I´m leaving for a week in Gambia. I also visited this country two years ago and some pictures from this trip can be seen below.

Yellow-billed Shrike

African Darter

Grashopper Buzzard

Grey-headed Bushshrike

Long-tailed Glossy Starling

Red-necked Falcon

Senegal Coucal aka bottlebird

Village Indigobird

Yellow-billed Stork
Hooded Vulture

Beautiful Sunbird

Klaas´ Cuckoo

Red-billed Firefinch

Grey-backed Camaroptera

Gulls and terns

Lavender Waxbill

Dark Chanting Goshawk

Yellow-billed Oxpecker

Senegal Parrots

Brown Babbler

White-faced Whistling Duck

Palm-nut Vulture

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  1. Dark Chanting Goshawk er alt for vild! Jeg har åbenbart aldrig set dine billeder fra Gambia. God tur.