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The Gambia 2011 - day 4

The fourth day my father and I went a bit inland with our guide Alieu Cesay. We started from the hotel at 07.15 in the morning and drove towards Brikama.

Gambian village near Brikama early in the morning.

Grey Kestrel, near Brikama, 9/11-2011.

Long-tailed Glossy Starling, near Brikama, 9/11-2011.

First stop of the morning was the ricefields at Mandina Ba east of Brikama where we without luck looked for Hadada Ibis. But we had nice views of e.g. African Pygmy Kingfishers and Beaudoiun's Snake Eagles.

African Pygmy Kingfisher, 1cy, Mandina Ba, 9/11-2011.
African Pygmy Kingfisher, adult, Mandina Ba, 9/11-2011.
Yellow-billed Oxpecker, Mandina Ba, 9/11-2011.
Western Plantain-eater, Mandina Ba, 9/11-2011. A common species in The Gambia.
Black-headed Heron, adult, Mandina Ba, 9/11-2011.

When we had finished birding at we went to the Pirang Marshes - a big area of saltmarsh and shrimp-farms. Loads of birds were here and we had nice views of several species of swallows.

Mosque Swallow, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Red-breasted Swallow, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Red-rumped Swallow, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.

Wire-tailed Swallow ssp. smithii, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
African Palm Swift, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Little Swift, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.

Red-billed Quelas, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011. One of the most numerous species on the planet. near the coast in Gambia it is however not very common.
Western Banded Snake Eagle, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Pink-backed Pelican, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Striated heron, 1cy ssp. atricapilla, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Namaqua Dove, tired female, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Pied Kingfisher, male, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
African Harrier-Hawk, adult ssp. pectoralis, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.
Northen Red Bishop, male in breeding plumage, Pirang Marshes, 9/11-2011.

After Pirang we went to Faraba Banta Bushtrack to look for raptors, Greyish Eagle Owl and other good stuff. Alieu had engaged a local guide called "Owlman" that knows all there is to know about the whereabouts of the local pair of Greyish Eagle Owl. After half an hour drive on small dirt-tracks we were at the rigth place and quickly saw an owl.

My father watching a Greyish Eagle Owl in the scope.

Greyish Eagle-Owl (Bubo cinerascens), Faraba Banta Bushtrack, 9/11-2011.

"Owlman" (have forgot his real name) and Alieu at the bushtrack just after we have seen the owl.

After having seen the owl we found a shaded shelter where we sat, drinked some cola and waited for raptors to appear. After some time a Bateleur flew across the sky at some distance - an amazing moment that really smelled of safari on the savanna - something both my father and I yet have to experience.
We also walked around the The first of this species we have seen after having heard several. In the same tree a Senegal Batis, a male Violet-backed Sunbird and a Red-winged Warbler suddenly showed in our scope. So four new species in the same tree within a few minutes was definitely on the higlights of the day.

Bateleur, male, Faraba Banta Bushtrack, 9/11-2011.

Yours truly and Alieu at the bushtrack. It was very hot and I had forgot my hat and sunscreen...

Striped Kingfisher, Faraba Banta Bushtrack, 9/11-2011.

Yellow-fronted Canary, male and female with Laughing Dove, Faraba Banta Bushtrack, 9/11-2011.

Four-banded Sandgrouse, Faraba Banta Bushtrack, 9/11-2011.

Lizard Buzzard, near Brikama, 9/11-2011.

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  1. Hej Rune. Vi nyder dine 'skud'& videoklip. Har været i dine fodspor 8-23.11.2011 - og med samme owl-man, så vi også greyish eagle owl. Fed oplevelse og 160 arter 'rigere'
    Hilsen Birgit