søndag den 9. januar 2011

Common Nightingale - Sydlig Nattergal - (Luscinia megarhynchos), singing male, 30/4-2/5 2010, Guldmajsvej, Skagen

Found by the observer of Skagen Bird Observatory (Skagen Fuglestation) in spring, Henrik Böhmer. He heard it singing while bicykling past the site. Until 2003 Common Nightingale was on the list of species that has to be submitted to the Danish Rarities Committee for approval. About the 13th record for Northern Jutland.

To the above Rolf Christensen from Skagen has commented: "Perhaps amazingly, the 2010 Skagen  Common Nigtingale was the first ever at Skagen in April, and it was the first ever to arrive to the country at Skagen first (following no records in Denmark i 2009!)".

 Videos: RSN

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