fredag den 18. november 2011

Finally Desert Wheatear

This beauty was found on Wednesday the 16th of November by local birder Brian Kristensen (BKr).
I twitched the bird together with Asger Lykkegaard (ALM) who had himself a lifer. The bird was not a new danish tick for me but a welcome addition to my Northern Jutland-list.

Also at Jerup Strand we had a Lapland Bunting, a Snow Bunting, at least two Water Pipits, two Black-throated Divers and ALM saw a Little Auk migrating south.

Desert Wheatear, 1cy male, Jerup Strand, Frederikshavn, Northern Jutland, 18/11-2011.

After having enjoyed the wheatear we checked the arid harbour area at Frederikshavn where we saw another two Water Pipits, a few Rock Pipits, six Snow Buntings and a Common Stonechat. The latter might well have been a new species for the site. But rare wheatears, larks or pipits were unfortunately absent.

We also made a brief stop at Rærup Slambassiner near Aalborg where we saw 11+ Bearded Tits in the reedbed.

Common Stonechat, female, Skansehavnen, Frederikshavn, 18/11-2011.

Beardes Tits, Rærup Slambassiner, 18/11-2011.

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